Wives and mothers.

Nobody will love you like your mother

As true as this statement might be, it has the potential to annoy the bejesus out of your wife, and render you to fend for yourself for a while. Don’t believe me? Try it. I dare you to say this to your wife, buddy.

Nobody will also love you like your wife

Your wife comes back home with you, after you guys get married and (inappropriate use of) literally picks up the to-do list from your mother. Never let that teeny-tiny detail miss you. Sure, maybe there’s no love like a mother’s love, but proclaiming this in the context of measuring your wife’s love would be… very dumb. That’s like trying to compare your most favourite dish on this planet and your comfort food. You decide who is which. But they both exist in your life and have their own special place and needs that they both fulfil in their own way.

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Kill the comparison

My husband’s mother is quite possibly the most loving human being I’ve come across. Belonging to a conservative generation, she’s still got quite an open mind. She inspires me. Some day I’ll tell you of the time she walked in on me naked while her son, my then fiancé now husband, was meditating right in front of me. But because of this disturbing comparison, I find myself conditioned to feel negative towards their beautiful bond sometimes. With regard to this, petty things hamper my sense of peace. I would like to believe that I truly love myself and have nice self-worth but then again who wouldn’t?

Clear the air

Mother in law: it is time for you guys become 3 from 2.
Daughter in law: I know, I have been asking your son to try a threesome but he refuses…

There’s more where that came from.

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