What shall we talk about today?

I loved blogging writing ten years ago. I had the crappiest looking blog on, you guessed it, Blogger! And it went through many design iterations. But one thing that remained constant – my rant. Isn’t that what remains constant in everyone’s life? Everything changes over time, but our rants are our best friends. Life continues and so do our rants.

I am acutely aware that what I am click-clacking on the keyboard right now is not ‘structured’ and is not going to necessarily be read more than maybe twice to ‘edit’ it. I don’t want to. I just want to click-clack, shut my laptop in that satisfying way and then worry about how I may have ruined the monitor in the process, thereby proceeding to worry about how I have begun taking everything for granted and how I need to be more careful and grateful.

People are the weirdest, dude – myself included. However, I am the baseline of my life. So anything that is not me, is weird. Don’t lie, it’s the same for everyone. “Oh you’re not into music at all? You’re weird.” “You’re still breast-feeding? You’re weird.” “You pick out peanuts and eat them altogether at the end? You’re weeeiiirrd!” Why! Why is it so weird that I am not into music, how long I may decide to breastfeed not yours but my child, and eat all the carefully collected peanuts at the end? There are at least 50 ways of eating peanuts that I can think of and none of them should concern you, dude!

I recently learnt that one of my family members is a pretty sly cookie. And I have made up my mind – the conviction with which I wake up every morning and know that I am going to brush my teeth, its the same level of conviction I want to bring into making sure that I do not let her into my head. There is just no way that I am going to allow it. As simple as a pimple. And then once I succeed in that, its over for you guys. Haha!

The following is not a random request. It would really help me a lot if you could answer this – what is the one advice you would give someone who is struggling with their new in-laws? Asking for a friend, obviously.

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