Jane Doh

There’s never existed a bigger wuss than humans, and among them, I. On most days I speak my mind in front of most humans but because this is the Internet and all, I find myself a bit wary of it. The Internet ie.

The Internet is where one can type and hit backspace in the blink of an eye. This is pretty amazing and equally scary. Coming from the generation during which the Internet was invented, obviously I don’t trust it.

So here’s a personal blog with a bunch of crap from a bunch of grey cells that were allocated to me about three decades ago. I’m trying to write about every thing that I want to, and not hurt anybody. Even myself!

Jane Doh is a play of words on Jane Doe, an anonymous female party, who sometimes has her own doh! moments, just like you.

By chance you crack the code and recognise me as your daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, crush(!), do me a solid and never mention it to me.