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It’s just plain insane how we workout once a month and feel so fucking fabulous that day that we can practically hear the birds sing from a mile away and…

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What is acceptance? The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered? Not really. Acceptance asks no permission. You are offered an apple. You can either take it or…

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My sister-in-law and her husband recently entered the big bad world of parenthood. My husband has woken up in the middle of the night at 3 am and Facetime-ed his sister, just after her delivery, and feels the pain of not being in the same country, city, and hospital, as she brings into the world his first nephew. Myself, on the other hand, being an only child, I find it extremely difficult to feel the same as others do, when there is a baby involved.

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Where do I even begin to express my love for hair-smoothening. I think ever since I earned my first salary, I not-so-secret goal has been to get my hair-smoothened. ​And boy did I achieve that goal, three or four times at least.

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We got married six months ago, just shy of ten days. Of the million new things that have entered my life, babies is one them. Babies.

When my husband’s best friend and his wife had a baby five months ago, I didn’t know my life would change too. Although nobody has asked us beyond an occasional jab here and there, somehow, babies have become a hot topic in our own minds. We’ve done this to ourselves.